In-Lab Studies

We offer the convenience of diagnostic and therapeutic overnight studies right here in our convenient facility.  This provides a level of comfort that is not seen in a hospital-style atmosphere.

The diagnostic polysomnogram (PSG) is an in-lab test which will monitor multiple body parameters: brain wave patterns, eye movements, muscle activity and hearth rhythms during sleep.  More specifically, the diagnostic PSG is used to identify sleep disorders by monitoring breathing functions during sleep, respiratory effort and oxygen level.  We use this data to identify or rule out different types of sleep disorders, most commonly:  obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), central sleep apnea(CSA), period limb movement disorder (PLMD), REM behavior disorder (RBD).

After our experienced Provider determines your diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan, you may be directed to a therapeutic overnight study.

Therapy for sleep apnea is typically:  CPAP or BIPAP or ASV or Inspire.

The therapeutic polysomnogram (PSG) is in-lab test which is invaluable for determining your most comfortable interface as well as pressure settings to optimize treatment benefits and long-term compliance.

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